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“SWINGTEL Group is a 135mn USD Conglomerate, headquartered in Mumbai and having branch offices all over India. Swingtel also has its offices in Singapore, USA and affiliate partners in UAE and CHINA. A diversified business group, engaged in Electronics Design Development, Semiconductor Distribution, Value Engineering, catering to Multiple Industries is at the forefront of High Tech Electronic Solutions. Swingtel is a force to reckon with. With a solid track record of almost 2 decades, Our Reference customers include who’s who in the segment of business we focus and target and the reputation is built on world class service and credibility. Know More…...

Swingtel Value Add

Rupee Billing

Swingtel’s Rupee Currency Billing benefits the Customers Immensely. The advantages are manifold from cushioning the daily currency fluctuations, managing JIT deliveries at pre- determined cost structure, improvised cash flow on Credit, PDC or L/C facility, No need for upfront lock in of Cash flow for Custom Duties, Levies or GST which itself is a sizeable portion of the Import, This Advantageous edge lowers Customer Direct and Indirect Cost remarkably, enhancing Purchasing Power and Improvising Product Viability. Swingtel’s Global expertise in SCM allows customers to focus on their Core business catalysing Manufacturing in INDIA, to be truly Globally Competitive.


Can Support Consolidation as Leadtime scenario eases going ahead, to ensure better inventory control and management.

VAVE Programs

Swingtel is involved with various customers on VAVE Programs. Passing on benefits in diodes, inductors, led, e-caps etc and more on anvil

Preferred Allocation Programs

Swingtel Accords most priority to Top Customer group being engaged with multiple units and their EMS. In shortage time, Swingtel has extended the best support at ground level


Despite major spillover of payments during the year at various times, Swingtel has continuously supported with supplies vis avis Global distributors who have policy of account blocking.


Our Design Support Labs are engaged with Customer Designms and other accounts to support design in activities for Sensor, Lighting and other applications. Result would be value engineered competitive solutions.


Dedicated Import Team members for Priority Clearance. Ensuring better management and service


SWINGTEL boasts a robust infrastructure designed to support seamless operations and foster growth. From cutting-edge IT systems to modern warehousing facilities, our infrastructure is tailored to meet the evolving needs of our industry. We have a 30,000 sq ft temp. controlled warehouse with SAP based WMS integrated, and an upcoming 40,000 sq ft warehousing facility with state of the art facilities. We have SAP based data management system integrated with Sales Force. Complementing our advanced facilities is a highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals. Our staff of 150+ employees, comprising experts in various fields, is the backbone of our success. The synergy between our top-notch infrastructure and talented staff positions SWINGTEL as a formidable force in the business landscape.