Swingtel Group

We are proud to be AUTHORISED Partners for a wide array of World Class Semiconductors And Electronic Components, bringing the best that is to offer to India Electronics Solution and Manufacturing, thus propelling the “Make in India” programme and helping build products for the Global consumer.

“SWINGTEL Group is a 135mn USD Conglomerate, headquartered in Mumbai and having branch offices all over India. Swingtel also has its offices in Singapore, USA and affiliate partners in UAE and CHINA. A diversified business group, engaged in Electronics Design Development, Semiconductor Distribution, Value Engineering, catering to Multiple Industries is at the forefront of High Tech Electronic Solutions. Swingtel is a force to reckon with.
With a solid track record of almost 2 decades, Our Reference customers include who’s who in the segment of business we focus and target and the reputation is built on world-class service and credibility.

At SWINGTEL, our core competencies include and not limited to:

  • Preferred Design and Supply Partner for AUTOMOTIVE Solutions.
  • Preferred Design and Supply Partner for Lighting and Energy Saving Solution
  • Preferred Design and Supply Partner for Power Management Solutions
  • Global Supply Chain Management & Sourcing Network, including Just in Time Delivery Management, Consolidation, and Kitting Services.

The businesses

The Business

SWINGTEL operates on a versatile business model designed for sustainable success. From distributing electronic components to OEM’s and automotive sectors to designing LED solutions for leading EV brands and companies, the Swingtel group has expanded its reach across automotive, lighting, power, industrial and consumer electronics. At the heart of our business model is a commitment to delivering value to our customers, fostering long-term relationships, and staying agile in an ever-changing business environment. Our efficient supply change management and processes speak volumes of our growth and success. This customer-centric approach, combined with operational excellence, defines the essence of SWINGTEL’S business.

The branches

SWINGTEL has expanded its footprint offices strategically located in India and overseas. With our headquarters in Mumbai, we have regional offices in metro cities like Pune, Delhi, Noida, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Singapore. Our widespread network enables us to cater to diverse markets. Each branch is equipped with a dedicated team of professionals, ensuring localized expertise and personalized service. This well-distributed infrastructure not only enhances our operational efficiency but also reflects our commitment to being a globally influential player in the semiconductor industry.

The worth

Year on year SWINGTEL’s net worth has shown a steady growth. As of today, SWINGTEL stands as a formidable entity with a substantial worth of 88USDmn derived from its semiconductor business alone. This solid foundation positions SWINGTEL as a reliable and influential player, poised for continued success and expansion.


SWINGTEL boasts a robust infrastructure designed to support seamless operations and foster growth. From cutting-edge IT systems to modern warehousing facilities, our infrastructure is tailored to meet the evolving needs of our industry. We have a 30,000 sq ft temp. controlled warehouse with SAP based WMS integrated, and an upcoming 40,000 sq ft warehousing facility with state of the art facilities. We have SAP based data management system integrated with Sales Force. Complementing our advanced facilities is a highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals. Our staff of 150+ employees, comprising experts in various fields, is the backbone of our success. The synergy between our top-notch infrastructure and talented staff positions SWINGTEL as a formidable force in the business landscape.