EVERLIGHT Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983 in Taipei, Taiwan led by Chairman Robert Yeh. EVERLIGHT has over 40 years of R&D experience for reliable capability. With immediate service and an excellent brand reputation, EVERLIGHT has taken top five worldwide in the competitive LED market.
Today, EVERLIGHT is a global company with over 6,400 employees based in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Germany and U.S.A.
Everlight Electronics is a leading provider of optoelectronic components and solutions. Everlight Electronics serves a diverse range of industries including automotive, consumer electronics, lighting, and healthcare.
The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of optoelectronic products including LEDs, LED displays, infrared components, and optocouplers. These high-quality components are renowned for their reliability, efficiency, and performance, making them ideal for various applications ranging from automotive lighting and signage to medical devices and industrial automation.