JWCO group, is a professional manufacturer, producing plug in and SMD Chip aluminium electrolytic capacitors, with its own R&D, production, sales team.
Located in the northeast of Jiangxi province, Poyang Lake, south east Yiyang county, known as the “land of fish and rice” Wannian county, JWCO was founded in 2002.
Their products are supplied throughout the country, as well as East Asia, South Asia, Europe, North America and South America and other countries and regions.
JWCO produces a full range of aluminium electrolytic capacitors, mainly high frequency and low resistance products, medium and high voltage products, conventional products, and long life products. The products are widely used in communication power supply, UPS power supply, LED lighting driver, telephone, TV, computer and peripheral equipment, frequency conversion air conditioning, impression, program-controlled telephone exchange and other fields.