Pulse, a YAGEO company, is a key element in a family of businesses  that combine to create one of the largest passive electronic manufacturers in the world.     Founded in 1956 in Redwood City, California and acquired by Yageo Corporation in 2018 Pulse has over 60 years of innovation experience and is a leader in technology, design and manufacturing.  Their passive electronic components include power and networking magnetics, current sensing, cable harnesses, power supplies, antennas and connectors.   Their global customer base include the market leaders in the Communications, Computing, Consumer, Industrial, IoT and Transportation segments.   Their products can be found in a wide range of applications including hybrid and electric vehicles, 5G mobile network systems, smart grids, wearables, lighting, cell phones, data-centres, wireless charging, industrial automation equipment and security. With offices and manufacturing locations in ten countries, spanning three continents, Pulse has a true global presence while maintaining the ability to respond locally to our worldwide customer base.